Saturday, January 27, 2018

Week 3 Measurements

No change in size, up 3 pounds.

A: 57"
W: 48
L: 287

I'm no a new anti-depressant, and the primary side effect of it seems to be tiredness, headache, and weight gain. So I might be fighting this med.

I have another week on the med before I have a meeting with my psych to evaluate where we are and see if we need to change it up. I'll discuss with him the changes I've made and the fact that I can't lose weight, and see what he says.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

IF Week 3, Day 2, All's Well

I'm on my 3rd week of this.

I got over my depression this weekend and tackled with renewed vigor this week.

Making sure I get around 3k steps each day, making sure I don't over eat when I'm in a feeding time. Trying to have slower burning calories at the start of my feeding time by starting with a simple salad.

I wonder if the tape will show any changes this week.

I'll probably not post to this daily now that I'm in the habit of this new life plan. At this point it's just keeping up with the plan and tracking changes to my body.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to make them here on my blog, or on Facebook.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

2nd Saturday on IF

So, this is the 2nd Saturday on IF for me.

I have decided to take 3 measurements every Saturday:

1 - Around = (R) = the girth around the largest part of my stomach
2 - Waist = (W) = my waist where my pants sit
3 - Weight = (L) = my scale weight when I wake up in the morning before I eat

R = 57.5"
W = 48"
L = 290

R = 57"
W = 48"
L = 284

I'm happy that the L went the right direction.
I'm disappointed that my R only went down .5" and W not at all.

I celebrated my unhappiness by letting myself have some sugar. Rainbow sherbet with my daughter, a few margaritas with my depression.

Monday we're back on the non sugar, and we're going to make sure we walk 15 minutes minimum at least once per day.

This body MUST change.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Distraction and Diets

For the last 2 nights I've been totally distracted getting my Twitch stream setup to work with 2 computers through an Elgato HD60. That sentence means something to probably 3% of people who will read this post.

Long story short - because I was fighting technology to bend it to my will, I didn't eat much at all. I had a half a chicken breast and some mini-pretzels with about 1 tbsp of ranch dressing last night, and that's all I had. For lunch, I had a bit of lettuce with mixed cheese and bleu cheese dressing. Maybe 3 oz total of food. And I wasn't hungry at all! I had to force myself to eat the pretzels at 9:30 or I was going to be out of my window and low on calories.

This morning, I woke up feeling shaky. Listening to my body, the way the experts tell you to, I went ahead and had a half-cup of fresh orange juice. That took care of the shakes, and the rest of my day has been great!

I'm 1 hour from feeding time, and I'll be partaking of another iceberg lettuce and bleu cheese lunch. I might throw in a small baggie of cheetos or something, just for the calories.

I'm really interested to see how things measure up on Saturday.

If you're curious about my streaming setup for Twitch, feel free to ask in comments below. I've been streaming for 2 years now, and I've gathered a lot of information about it (even though I usually have zero viewers). Check out my channel RabidMonkee and follow me on Twitter to know when I go live.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Time Keeps On Slipping Slipping

I noticed that my time is slipping.

I started this on 16:8, 16 hours of fasting, 8 hours of feeding (2pm to 10pm so I can have dinner with the family).

Then I noticed that I'd stop eating around 9 instead of 10.

Today I looked at the clock and saw that it was 2:40, almost an hour past my start-eating time, and last night I again stopped at 9. So today was actually 18 hours of fasting.

I feel great!

I used to be able to eat an entire box of Mac-n-Cheese by myself. Last night I barely got through 3/5 of a box before I had to push it aside. I used to make sure I'd finish what I took, even if I was over full, but not last night. No interest.

So, I think it's...working!

Also, I know daily scale checks are damaging. I'm stopping that (got batteries for our scale). 2 days ago I was 290, this morning I was 286. From this point on, I'm only checking weekly on Saturdays with the rest of my measurements.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Quick Photo Post

Here's what I look like today:
290lbs - 5' 8" - 44 years old

Being Slightly Hungry Is Not the End of the World

Something I read recently that really struck a chord was that Americans have been trained to believe that feeling hungry is one of the worst feelings to have.

We get this message from all of our media, from our families, from the wives' tales that are told about diet and fitness. Food is a massive industry in this country, probably the biggest scam since the original food pyramid. All paid for by the industries that have the most to gain from us constantly consuming.

Something that also resonated with me was the idea that is core to the IF lifestyle: How can your body burn fat if it has a bunch of calories sitting right there in your stomach ready to be broken down quickly and easily into sugars? The answer, of course, is that it can't. We've evolved to burn simple carbs quickly and our bodies prioritize them because in our ancestors, simple carbs were rare treats.

Now that works to our disadvantage. If you have processed simple carbs sitting in your system, your body will burn those and stash the harder to process stuff as fat for use later, just the way it's built to do. Instead of burning carbs, we have to re-teach our bodies to burn fats.

In keto, they call this ketosis. Lowering carb macros so low that fat is your preferred energy source, followed by protein, and finally carbs.

I wonder if IF sort of hijacks this ketosis process without necessarily being on a keto diet.

All I really know is that I feel better now. I ignore the slight hunger feelings that I get throughout the morning quite easily. I feel more energetic. It's easier to get out of my chair and wander around the office, or go for a walk around the lake across the street. So, whatever is happening, it definitely feels like it's working.

Side note - I got batteries for my scale last night and this morning, my naked and fasted weight was:
290.0 lbs