Friday, October 28, 2016

Week 2, Day 3 (day 10) Progress

Today marks day 10 of my #keto lifestyle change.

I feel good, I feel like I can continue this for a long time (this time). I'm more motivated than last time because I'm older and have an increased sense of mortality.

Starting Weight (SW): 292lbs
Current Weight (CW): 277lbs
Total Lost: 15lbs
Goal Weight (GW): 190lbs

I still have a long way to go, but I feel like it's a journey I can make.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Week 2, Day 2 - Progress

Starting into my 2nd week, the habits are starting to form, and the cravings are pretty much gone.

I've lost 12 lbs and am now hovering at 280 lbs. I'm thinking I'm not drinking enough water, and that's what's caused this stall.

I just found out that Green Giant has a whole line of low-carb offerings that replace potatoes and rice with cauliflower and broccoli, so I'll be hitting up the freezer isle at the supermarket to see what kind of prices those are at. From what I've seen, they're pretty good on the net carbs, so I'm hopeful that they're not priced too high.

On a side note, I'm struggling a bit with depression. I'm not sure if it's related to the change in diet, or just seasonal, or based on how I feel about my job, but it's definitely there.

Starting weight: 292
Current weight: 280
Total lost: 12
Goal weight: 190

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Week 1, Day 4, Minor Scale Victory

I was going to wait until Sunday to weigh, giving the new #keto regimen time to do its work.

I couldn't resist, though, and weighed this morning.

I started at 292 lbs on Monday.

This morning I was 281 lbs.

It's water weight, but it's weight I was carrying around with me, making me feel like a balloon ready to pop. I can already feel the difference.

Keto On.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 1, Day 2, Research Mode

Day 2 - research mode.

I've been looking at various keto recipe websites. I've been reading the FAQ on the Reddit r/keto. I've used the macro calculator to get an idea of where I should be.

1902 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
25 g Carbs (5%, 100 kcal)
125 g Protein (26%, 500 kcal)
145 g Fat (69%, 1302 kcal)

That's not sustainable for me yet. I'm still trying to figure out where the carbs are hidden in my daily routine - like in my non-dairy sugar-free creamer, and in Splenda that I used to sweeten my tea - and root it out.

Surprising to me, hamburger seems to be high in carbs. At least that's what MyFitnessPal says.

Onwards and hopefully downwards ( in weight ).

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 1, Day 1, #Ketogenic Lifestyle Reboot

Today marks the first day of my ketogenic journey.

Almost 4 years ago, I embarked on changing my eating habits and adopted the ketogenic lifestyle. For 4 months, I was successful, and I lost 40 lbs. Then, the holidays hit, and my resolve dissolved.

Today, I'm rebooting.

I'm not under 20 grams, but I am under 50 for the day so far.

I don't plan on blogging each day, but I'll update at least once a week.

Current Weight: 285lbs
Goal Weight: 190lbs

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kickstarting a New Ketogenic Phase

I'm a husband, a dad, and addicted to carbs.

A few years ago, I tried the ketogenic diet. In 4 months I lost almost 40 lbs.

Then, autumn hit, and my mom started baking, and my resolve was dissolved in a flurry of butter cookies. I told myself "We'll just do a modified keto diet, just a few carbs added back in for fun." That was 60 lbs ago.

Since then, I've had some drastic events happen in my life. I contracted meningeoencephalitis which hospitalized me for 9 days. It left me with PTSD and some other harder to define mental deficits. I also, in the course of figuring out how my brain had changed due to that sickness, learned that I am bipolar. Looking back into my past, I can see the peaks and valleys of my manic-depressive cycle,  and my illness triggered the disorder to get an order of magnitude worse.

I'm medicated now, using Seroquel each day, so the effects of my bipolar disorder are less drastic, but it's also not been helpful for my willpower, for whatever reason. I tried just dropping candy from my life, and made it 21 days before I had cake. Then I made it a further 20 days - I didn't lose any weight while off sugar, so I became very disillusioned with the process - before I just quit and went back to my old habits.

I'm currently on the upwards side of 285 lbs. This is the heaviest I've been in my life. I feel it, physically, every minute of the day.

I get winded just tying my shoes.
I can't play physical games with my kids because I get too tired, or my lumbar goes out of whack.
If the zombie apocalypse happens, I'm bait.

So, I'm researching, and I'm planning, two things I barely did last time. Lack of variety was my undoing last time, so I won't make that same mistake.

Something else I didn't do last time was secure the support of my family. I started a diet that wasn't suitable for my wife or kids. This time, I want to have family-friendly menu choices that only require minor adjustments for me, and are still yummy and nutritious for my kids.

After making some lists, some menu plans, and purchasing the right foods for our kitchen, it'll be off again, seeking ketosis.