Friday, June 19, 2015

Tale Of The Tape

Potential for embarrassment: high.

These are my measurements. I'm not proud, I'm not happy. The only silver lining is that my arms are symmetrical, so at least I have that going for me.

Measurements & Body Composition
Girth & Circumference Measurements as of 6/15/15
·         Upper Arm – Bicep (left): 16.25”
·         Upper Arm – Bicep (right): 16.25”
·         Chest: 47.75”
·         Waist (arms at sides, feet together): 46.25”
·         Abdomen (across belly button): 51.5”
·         Hips/Buttocks (feet together): 48”
·         Thigh (left): 26”
·         Thigh (right): 25.75”

Body Mass/Composition Numbers as of 6/15/15 at 12:00 pm – no fasting
·         Weight: 268.4 lbs
·         Body Fat %: 39.7 (healthy range for your gender & age 11 – 22%)
·         Body Water %: 46.1 (Normal Range 50 – 65%)
·         Muscle Mass: 153.8 lbs
·         Physique Rating: 3 (High Fat % w/ High Muscle Mass Index)
·         Metabolic Age: 50
·         Bone Mass: 8.0 (Normal Range 8.1)
·         Visceral Fat: 22 (Healthy Range 1-12)

Basically, the most important numbers here are the body fat percentage and visceral fat rating. Visceral fat is the fat deep inside your body surrounding your organs (viscera, obvs). I've often wondered how I can have a large belly, but still feel strong abs just below a relatively shallow sub-dermal fat layer, and now I know.

The treatment is the same as it is for anyone who is obese: reduced calories; reduced refined starches; reduced saturated and poly fats and increased unsaturated; increased physical activity (cardio mostly, but also strength training).

The main difference is that I don't have to do a bunch of crunches and be disappointed that my belly isn't going away because tighter abs over the top of a bunch of visceral fat is still going to be a big belly.

As much as I hate cardio, it's going to have to become - almost literally - my bread and butter.

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